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Marx Development Group is founded by David Marx, who has focused on developments in the New York City since 1986. Presently, MDG has increased its focus to the development, construction, and property management in several real estate sectors, including hospitality, residential, commercial and healthcare facilities. Headquartered in New York City, MDG also maintains regional offices in key locations such as Indiana, Texas, California, and Israel, with representatives in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Brazil.


Our portfolio includes over 4 million  square feet of space currently under management or construction and is comprised of approximately 1,000 hotel keys, 4 residential apartment buildings, and 2000 beds in nursing or assisted living facilities. Our acquisitions team is always seeking new opportunities with a current focus on healthcare properties in underserved markets.


While our core focus remains the New York City market, we continue to pursue expansion opportunities nationwide and globally.

Marx Development Group (MDG) is a dynamic multi-disciplinary, vertically integrated, real estate development company. We specialize in the development, funding, design, construction, purchase, and management of commercial real estate. We operate across multiple asset classes including senior living, hospitality, residential, retail and office.



David Marx

Mr. Marx is an attorney and a real estate developer in New York City. During the last 30 years, Mr. Marx has developed properties valued at almost half a billion dollars, with many of these properties continuing to be owned and managed by his various real estate entities. In addition to these entities, Mr. Marx owns the construction firm Atria Builders, LLC and the architectural design firm DSM Design Group. As part of the Marx Development Groups holdings, Mr. Marx owns the federally regulated HUD Mortgage Lender, Rockhall Funding Corp. that has generated loans of more than $700,000,000.

Mr. Marx's real estate developments are quite diverse and include a wide spectrum of the market place. Developments include healthcare, assisted living facilities, middle income to luxury residential complexes and educational institutions.

Mr. Marx's development endeavors have fostered long lasting financing relationships in the public and private sectors.  On the public side, these relationships include the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), New York City's Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the New York Community Preservation Corporation (CPC). His relationships in the private lending arena include but are not limited to Banco Popular, Washington Mutual, Dime Savings Bank, The Berkshire Bank. A major portion of the almost two million square feet of real estate development and construction Mr. Marx has completed in the New York City area includes skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The development of these particular type projects are considered unique by most real estate development standards in that Mr. Marx purchased the properties, obtained the necessary zoning and community board approvals, designed the architectural and structural aspects of each in-house, constructed the buildings using in-house management and certain labor trades and now owns the finished product. While

the nursing homes are leased to New York State Certified Nursing Home Operators, the assisted living facilities are operated by a Marx management company. > Read More

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